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Bullpen needs to pitch like I know they can...

Posted on: September 3, 2008 12:40 am

Well I have reached my fill of Boof...everytime the past few games he has come in I just cringe at how many runs he is about to give up, and again he gave up a couple and we lose.  I know that Perkins as with any of the starters has got to do a better job than 5 innings it is eventually going to fall on the shoulders (arms) of the bullpen. 

Lately our bullpen has sucked...I Know its a long season and it is a long road trip but come on; we can't keep relying on the suks to lose everytime we lose and then hope they lose again when we win.  We need to begin to put some games between us or the reality will be that it won't matter who gets in the playoffs; cause both teams will lose whoever they are facing.

I'm proud and have and will continue to support the Twins... they are the true picture of pure baseball in every aspect of the game.  I just wish the pitching (something that we have never worried about in the past) would man up and do their jobs.  Hell if the starter can only go 5 innings then throw one pitcher per one inning after that and let Nathan close the door in the 9th.

I guess it comes with the Twins being a young team but I really like watching the Twins in the playoffs...!

GO TWINS!!!!!!!!

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